Architecture Style

Style in architecture

contemporary style

an imprecise term applied to any of a number of architectural modes popular from about the 1940s through the 1970s and beyond, sometimes included under the term modern architecture; often characterized by widely overhanging eaves, exposed roof beams, and front-facing gables with heavy piers that support the gables; often, a balcony with an overhanging sunscreen, roof decks, and a patio that may serve as an extension of the living area; another type has a fa├žade and flat roof resembling that of the international style.

modern architecture

a loose term applied since the late 19th century to buildings in a variety of styles, in which emphasis is placed on functionalism, rationalism, and current methods of construction, in contrast with architectural styles based on historical precedents and traditional methods of building. this category often includes art deco, art moderne, bauhaus, contemporary style, international style, organic architecture, streamline moderne.

minimalist architecture

architecture that follows the doctrine that the use of all decorative elements, including ornamentation and color, should be held to an absolute minimum. this tenet considers all such architectural features to be nonessential and of negative aesthetic value,thus promoting the concept attributed to mies van der
rohe that "less is more."

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